Telarus is the only technology solutions brokerage that reinvests in developing tools for the main purpose of making our partner’s lives easier, being the tech expert their clients want them to be, and helping them differentiate themselves from the competition.

You need information now, and you need it to be fast and convenient.

You need to win opportunities not based on price alone, but on the added value that your competitors just can’t offer.

You need on-the-spot solution-decision tools to give your clients answers now and not later.

You want to know the status on all of your orders without having to call, email, or research tirelessly.

Telarus provides this and more with a new technology launch every summer at our Telarus Partner Summit.

Telarus Tools

Mobile App

With the accumulation of so many tools, we knew that we had to find a way to bring it all together in an easy, fast, and convenient way. Our in-house developers work feverishly to put our partners only a few thumb-taps away from the information and resources they need, wherever they find themselves. Feel the full power of your partnership with Telarus.

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Since 2003, this patented Telarus real-time-quoting tool has won back countless hours for our partners. Similar to an Expedia-esque experience, provide your client location and needs, and within seconds, our advanced systems and algorithms will produce results showing best-fit solution providers, service details, pricing, term, and more! You won’t find a tool better built around the needs of agents, VARs, and MSPs for your quoting needs.

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Decision Matrices

Remember in school presenting in front of a class and the teacher publicly testing your knowledge and you wished you had a cheat-sheet to reference? Client’s will be in awe as they tell you their UC or SD-WAN needs and you quick-draw a few best-fit solution provider options. Now in the app, you can select several suppliers and compare them side by side comparing terms, package details, features, app integrations, and platforms.

Telarus StatusVue Order Status

When we surveyed our partners looking for ways that we could help them better leverage their time. Over 70% told us that chasing down order status updates was a major hindrance to growth. So we created Telarus StatusVue, an order status tracking tool available in our Back Office and our Telarus app. After all, spending time looking for information on a deal that has already closed is nothing but a time tax on everyone.

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Partner Back Office

Telarus has developed an easy CRM where partners gain access to the full power of Telarus including:

  • Fiber Maps
  • GeoQuote real-time pricing
  • Customer management
  • Your commission reports and ticketing
  • Carrier contacts and commission table comparisons
  • Video trainings
  • Sub-agent portal to allow white-labeled filtered-view access to your subs
  • Access monthly supplier SPIFs
  • VAR/Referral Partner program where you specify a commission split and our system pays it out to you and your referral partner
  • Subject Matter Expert Program (SME) enables partners to team up on opportunities and let our system split your decided commission percentages.
  • Send scheduled emails to clients using our templates or create and save your own
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I have never worked with a team of professionals that have such a high level of integrity, honesty and so truly interested in helping me grow my business to meet and exceed my goals. I am honored to be a part of the Telarus family!

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